Winter's nearly gone so it's time to get ready for spring and summer programs. I realized (a bit late) that it makes more sense to do several programs in one area at a time. Itcertainly saves me extra trips, but more importantly, it gives the organizations that host the programs more chance at publicity. Otherwise, the first program gets publicity but, after that, newspapers and radio aren't going to asnother story/interview. Also I imagine it's more attractive to the media when you have several upcoming events.


I also had the crazy idea of doing some one-day walks along Route 6 in connection with the talks. Maybe that would help generate publicity. I could walk, perhaps from Newtown to Danbury to Brewster. Or maybe from Brewster to Mahopac to Peekskill. Of if really ambitious, from Cleveland to Sandusky....

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bear mountain

Joe Hurley

Pat and I will be heading to Bear Mountain in New York this weekend. Nothing to do with the book, just a get together with our daughter, son (in-law) and, of course, our granddaughter, Claire.


Bear Mountain is on Route 6 and was one of the stories in the book, in fact, the latest version of our bookmarks has a picture of the Bear Mountain Bridge across the Hudson.


We'll be staying at Overlook Lodge one of three lodgings in the park (the main one, Bear Mountain Inn was the main part of our book story. That's a really special place and I haven't been there since it's been restored. Should be fun. We'll find out if the carousel is open in winter. 


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