The land surprised me as much as the people.


In state after state, we heard that Iowa and Nebraska would be flat as a pancake and dull as dirt. Well, the Iowa we encountered is more like a giant platter of popcorn – one little hill after another.

And Nebraska was a hotbed of stories.

In the Utah desert, we saw a mirage so convincing we had to touch it to believe there was no water.


America's Longest Highway

“So, How Many Pairs of Shoes Did You Wear Out?”

That’s what people ask me most often when we talk about my 3,400 mile walk from Cape Cod to California. It's very logical question, (the answer is seven) but it doesn’t explain why I walked, what it was like, or what I learned about today’s America.

It really all began while walking Route 6 in Connecticut a few years ago. I started wondering where Route 6 began and ended. I traced it east through Rhode Island and Massachusetts to the far tip of Cape Cod, about 150 miles.

But to the west, it kept going and going: through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada and into California.

It traveled through 14 states, hundreds of communities and four time zones. It was the perfect road to discover America.

People often ask about my favorite spots on the trip. My list changes from time to time... there's so very much along this majestic - and somewhat forgotten byway - that there may be no reason to have a favorite place. Many days it was purely about my own thoughts, road traffic and the asphalt.

 Route 6 goes through fourteen states,

109 counties, and five state capitals.


Highlighted 1947 Rand McNally US Road Map [Download]

[+] Two versions available. JPEG and PDF.



A Book Review

10 Million Steps is a vibrant and colorful story of a cross-section of America...“


“You have to admire Joe’s perseverance and stamina walking coast-to-coast along the oldest, longest and highest contiguous highway ever established in our great nation. He walked through all kinds of weather and diverse terrain to bring the story of the character and culture of America’s people, historic places and scenic landscapes. Travis did a wonderful job documenting the great adventure with pictures and assisting Joe with logistics. This in itself was a monumental challenge.

10 Million Steps is a vibrant and colorful story of a cross-section of America, the ingenuity of her people, their reflections on the past, present and hopes for the future. This is a book to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

This book will definitely help to preserve our American heritage. Thank you Joe and Travis.”

Russell J. Lombard

Founder and President

[+] U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association